What to Do on (or Near) Our Farm

Tour the Gardens and Farm – You can learn how food is produced and walk through the flower gardens and woods on the farm.

Petting Zoo – Hold and play with the many animals on the farm. Milk a goat. Learn about how to take care of the animals. Great fun for kids of all ages.

Fishing – The farm goes to a fjord and has a lot of salt water fish. There are nearby rivers with trout and salmon in them. There are also a lot of lakes in the area. All of the water is some of the cleanest water you have seen.

Zipline – One of the early attractions we want to build is a zipline. Being at the base of a mountain. The farm is a natural place for a zipline.

Hiking– The area has some of the best and most beautiful hiking available anywhere. Some of the places, you can only reach by hiking. Right behind the farm is a national forest that goes up to the top of a mountain.

Horseback Riding – The whole area is filled with great places to ride horses. Some places you cannot go with a car, but you can with a horse!

Boating – Since there is so much water in the area, it is a natural place to go boating. The farm goes right down to the water, so you won’t have to leave the property to get to the water!

Enjoy the Dining – I believe great food starts with great gardening. The best food is fresh and naturally grown. I think food should be good for you and taste great.

Cook with us in the kitchen – Some people like to cook and learn new skills. You can experiment with new dishes and learn about cooking with all fresh ingredients.

Rock Climbing – Some of the best rock climbing around is within 25 miles of this farm. Rock climbers of all skill levels can find a place to suit their experience.

There are many other activities that we hope to add in the future like, a ninja course, white water rafting, mountain biking, kayaking and horse and carriage. If there is an activity that you like that is not listed, just ask and we may be able to accommodate you!

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