Is Chile a safe country for Americans? – Chile is quite safe. It is a first world country and the most prosperous country in South America. Crime rates are lower than those in the US. The people are very helpful and friendly toward North Americans.

Do I need to speak Spanish?– No. The native language is Spanish. You will sometimes meet someone who speaks English, but most don’t. If you need help, people will often go out of their way to try to help you. We will pick you up at the airport and provide all transportation so you won’t have to worry about not speaking the language.

Do I need a passport? – Yes. Pretty much any time you travel internationally, you will need a valid passport. You do not need to get a visa before you come to Chile. You will simply fill out an easy form and go through customs when you enter the country.

What if I have trouble walking, can I enjoy a vacation there? – Our goal is to help you have a great vacation no matter what your physical abilities. We will help with providing assistance wherever is necessary. The scenery is to be enjoyed by all regardless of physical abilities.

Is there a hospital nearby? – Yes, there is a small town called Puelo about 6 miles away. It has a pretty new and modern hospital. There are four doctors working there. There is also a modern airstrip at Puelo if someone would need airlifted to a larger hospital.

Is there some place to shop? – Puelo has a few small shops, but not a lot of shopping. Puerto Montt is about two hours away and has almost everything you might want to buy. They also have vendors along the waterfront offering products for sale.

Do I need to bring my own equipment for fishing and other activities? – We will provide everything you need for fishing and many activities. If you have a favorite pole, you can bring that. Basically, bring your clothes and specialty items that are small. Contact us if you need anything special and we can help decide if we can provide it.

What is the weather like? – The seasons are reversed from the northern hemisphere. The winter months are June, July and August. During those months, the temperature can get down to freezing, but it doesn’t stay that cold for long. The ground doesn’t freeze and it stays green year-round. It is a rainy area, mainly in the colder months. January is the driest month. It can get up to 85 degrees in the warmer months but is seldom real hot.

Can you accommodate special dietary needs, like vegetarian?– Yes, we will try to get some information from you ahead of time so we are aware of any allergies or dietary preferences.  This vacation is about you, so we will do our best to tailor our food to meet your needs and desires.

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