Get Away to Northern Patagonia for a Week for less Than $1000 plus Airfare

Have you ever dreamed of taking a vacation to get away from the cold weather and hustle and bustle of your busy life? Get away where the water is sparkling clean, the air is fresh and white capped mountains and waterfalls are abundant!

Patagonia has long been known for huge expanses of unspoiled wilderness and beauty. Snow capped mountains and crystal clear water are around every bend. Temperate rain forests are lush with bamboo, towering trees and wildflowers.

At God’s Country Farm, we want to help you experience it close up and to be able to smell it, feel it, and of course feast on it with your eyes. We can make it so you don’t have to worry about anything except how you are going to get there. (We can even help you with that!)

How about $895 for seven days of activity in one of the most beautiful places on earth? (Or an even better deal! Get ten or more tickets and get ten percent off! Get nine other people to go and you get to go for free.)

This is what you see every morning on the farm!

We will keep you active with hiking, bicycling, kayaking and more! All while in the beauty of northern Patagonia. Or if you prefer, you can just relax and enjoy the scenery at the farm.

Here is the list of great experiences we have in store for you!

Day One– We pick you up at the Puerto Montt airport. You can relax while enjoying the scenery as we take you to our farm. Of course, if you are hungry when you arrive, we’ll gladly get you food, to enjoy before we embark to the farm.

When we arrive, feel free to explore the farm and area or just sit back and relax and enjoy the view! We will also provide dinner for you and a relaxing time around a campfire that evening before crawling into your sleeping bag for a relaxing night of sleep in some of the freshest air you’ve ever breathed.

This waterfall is just above the farm!

Day 2 – You awaken and are served a delicious and very ample breakfast. We don’t believe in anyone going hungry! Then we load up supplies to take you to the entrance to Cochamo Valley. You will be guided for the 13 kilometer hike back to the valley. You will hike close to a crystal clear river flowing over rocks. At times you will catch glimpses of waterfalls and cascades on the river.

Occasionally you will cross babbling brooks on the way. This gives you a chance to fill you water bottle with clean fresh water. (Yes, the water is so clean that you can drink it straight from the stream.) You will hike through old growth forests until you come to a clearing where you will catch the first glimpse of Cochamo Valley. You will soon see why it is called the Yosemite of Chile.

You will have time to explore the valley before it is time to camp for the night. You will be able to see stars you have never seen before under the clear skies of the valley. Food will be packed and provided for you for this entire excursion.

One view in Cochamo Valley.

Day Three – After a hearty breakfast, your guide will lead you on a beautiful hike up one of the trails in Cochamo Valley. Along the way you will see towering Alerce trees, rocky cliffs, babbling brooks and of course amazing views wherever you look.

That evening you will return to your tent for a great night of restful sleep in the valley.

Day Four – Eat a great breakfast before you begin your leisurely hike out of the valley. When you come out of the valley, we will pick you up and take you into town where we can enjoy a wonderful meal at one of the local restaurants. This will give you a chance to try out your Spanish or we can help you order.

We will then return to the farm, where you can relax, play games or explore Rio Blanco, which is just a few kilometers from the farm. In the evening, you can relax around a campfire or play games and swap stories.

Day Five – After another great breakfast, we will head to Rio Puelo. Once there, we will start an incredible journey in kayaks. You will be guided down one of the most scenic rivers you’ve ever seen. The water is clear blue. There is not a hint of pollution or muddy water. You will glide past beautiful green mountains and rock formations. You may even see waterfalls.

An ample box lunch will be provided for you. Late afternoon we will rendezvous to take you back to the farm for dinner and a relaxing time to reminisce about the day.

This is the beautiful Rio Puelo.

Day Six – After another relaxing night of breathing fresh air, you will be refreshed and ready for another great day in paradise. After breakfast, we will go for a bicycle ride along the scenic road toward Cochamo. Along the way, you will pass a small town by the name of Puelo. On a bicycle, you can enjoy the incredible scenery that is hard to experience as you rush by in an automobile.

You will cross over rivers, creeks and pass by rocky cliffs. All the way, you will be next to the Relonkavi Fjord, which is the northernmost Fjord in Chile. Incredible photo opportunities will be available around almost every bend you take. By the time you reach Cochamo, you will have worked up an appetite for dining in one of the fine restaurants in town.

After a delicious lunch, you will begin the leisurely ride back to the farm. You will be able to catch sights on the way back that you may have missed on the way.

Day Seven – We again will serve you a great breakfast this morning. The only shadow on this day will be the knowledge that you will have to leave this beautiful area. If we have time, we will take you into Puelo to see a small town at its best in this gorgeous region of Chile. We will show you the small but incredible library and other places in town. From there we will take you back to the airport in time to catch your plane. We will be glad to buy you lunch on the way, but we will be sad to see you leave.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. Our earliest booking is February 6th. If you book with us, contact us with your email so we can stay in contact with you!

What do Flights to Puerto Montt cost? I’ve found that if you fly midweek, you can get round trip flights for around $1,000.

What do I need to bring? We recommend that you bring a good pair of waterproof hiking boots. You will also need a light jacket, rain jacket, toiletries, extra spending money for souvenirs or gifts, flashlight or headlamp, good camera or cell phone and any other items you may need. The weather is usually cool in the mornings and at night, but can warm up nicely by afternoon. Shorts or long pants are acceptable.

Can we change the agenda? Our agenda is not set in stone. If everyone agrees, we can change up the agenda. Of course, if your group takes the whole week, we can customize the activities your desires.

Is Chile safe? Chile is one of the safest countries in South America. Despite some recent social unrest, the people of Chile are very friendly and helpful. The farm is hundreds of miles away Santiago and most of the areas where the unrest was occurring.

Can we attend local festivals? If we find out about a local festival that is happening when you are here, we will be glad to vote as to whether or not to adjust the schedule so that we can enjoy the festival.

Can you help me to get plane tickets? We would be glad to recommend flights and where to get the right prices. We will guide you to where we buy our tickets when we fly here.

Is there an age limit to go?  We aren’t setting a hard age limit, but I would suggest hikers be 14 years of age or older because of the length of the hike and other activities involved.